1. Registration

1.1 Your registration is strictly personal and non-transferable;
1.2 After registration you are obliged to pay the tuition fees due;
1.3 At registration there are registration costs of € 15, -, this amount is collected at the first payment;
1.4 Registration remains valid until written cancellation by e-mail to marja@swinglatino.nl;
1.5 Without cancellation (3 weeks before the last lesson) we assume that the course will be continued with the corresponding level
1.6 The information provided during registration will be treated confidentially and not shared with third parties;

2. Payment method

2.1 The course fee must be paid at the start of the course;
2.2 In the event of late payment, € 10 in administration costs will be charged

3. Absence

3.1 Absence of a member during the dance class (s) does not relieve a member from the obligation to pay the tuition fees due and does not create the right for any member to reduce the tuition fees;
3.2 If a member does not appear during the lessons, the registration fee cannot be reclaimed;
3.3 If a member cannot be present during the lesson (s), he / she must deregister in time, at least 3 hours before the start of the lesson. If this does not happen, this lesson cannot be made up at a different time / day;
3.4 A maximum of 2 lessons can be made up in the same lesson period, always in consultation with the contact person and cannot be settled with tuition fees for the following period

5. Interim inflow

5.1 Interim intake is possible in consultation with the contact person, depending on the level of the student it will be looked at which course can be taken

6. Lesson passage

6.1 Swing Latino Amsterdam can cancel a course if there are good reasons to do so (unexpected situations or a group of less than 8 people), any deposit will be refunded and / or other options are offered
6.2 If there is an illness, injury or other situation that makes a teacher of Swing Latino Amsterdam unable to give the lesson (s) concerned, Swing Latino Amsterdam will arrange for replacement or postpone the lesson for a week if possible;

7. Cancellation

7.1 Cancellation after the start of the courses is not possible, the course fee is non-refundable;
7.3 In the case of serious injuries or long-term illness, the course can be ‘frozen’ and completed within a foreseeable period. For this always contact the contact person or send an e-mail to marja@swinglatino.nl

8. Liability

8.1 Swing Latino Amsterdam assumes no liability for theft and / or other material accidents that occur during the lessons given by Swing Latino Amsterdam;
8.2 Swing Latino Amsterdam is not liable for any physical injury that is committed during the lessons provided by Swing Latino Amsterdam. The teachers teach in a responsible, well-structured and well-founded manner, so that every effort is made to minimize the risk of personal injury;